Why was Neville not the chosen one?

What makes Harry explicitly the chosen one in the books is 3 things, 1) Voldemort chose him that night to be the chosen one and decided to kill him and his family personally to avoid the prophecy, 2) Harry and Neville actually talked this out and Harry chose to take the possible responsibility off of Neville and to be …

Did the Pilgrims believe in God?

The Pilgrims believed that before the foundation of the world, God predestined to make the world, man, and all things. He also predestined, at that time, who would be saved, and who would be damned. Only those God elected would receive God’s grace, and would have faith.

Why was Molly angry at Hermione?

Before realising that Rita Skeeter and her quill were about as reliable as Peter Pettigrew acting as a Secret Keeper, Mrs Weasley was a fan of her articles, and was outraged on Harry’s behalf when she read an article that accused Hermione of playing the field between Harry and Viktor Krum.

Who was the strongest Sith of all time?

1. Darth Sidious (Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace) Truly, the most powerful Sith Lord was Darth Sidious, better known in his public persona of Chancellor (later Emperor) Palpatine. Through cunning and manipulation, Sidious killed his master to claim the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith.

Does Darth Vader have tear ducts?

“No!” he bellowed so loud and long that his cry echoed off the walls. Behind his mask, he squeezed his eyes shut in an effort to hold back the tears that he was physically unable to wipe away. But no tears came.

What are the four corners in the Bible?

In Christianity and Judaism, the Old Testament (Book of Genesis, Genesis 2:8–14) identifies the Garden of Eden, and the four rivers as the Tigris, Euphrates, Pishon, and Gihon. The Tigris runs to Assyria, the Euphrates to Armenia, the Pishon to Havilah or Elam, and the Gihon to Ethiopia.

What is Mr White’s second wish *?

Mr. White follows his wife’s instructions by retrieving the monkey’s paw and making a second wish. Despite briefly arguing with his wife, Mr. White reluctantly holds the paw and says, “I wish my son alive again”.

What is ironic about the difference in playing styles of father and son?

the father takes extreme chances while the son uses more strategies and seems to have a plan. what is ironic about the difference in playing styles of father and son ? now watch and observe if the fathers behavior is consistent throughout the story. it’s the opposite of what you’d expect.

Is Mr White responsible?

White is responsible for the consequences that happened in the story. Mr. Morris warns him about the paw but he decides to wish anyway. He even says “It seems to me I’ve got all I want..

What was Sirius Black talking about in Order of the Phoenix?

In OotP, when Harry first arrives at the Blacks house, Sirius mentions to him that Lord Voldemort is after a very powerful weapon that he did not have the last time.

Whats does nonce mean?

Definition of nonce (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : the one, particular, or present occasion, purpose, or use for the nonce. 2 : the time being.

Is Vince a word?

Short form of the male given name Vincent.

How can I be happy in Seattle?

Maintaining conversation and social interaction with others is vital when it comes to keeping happy levels high through the dark months, so while there’s a time and a place for a cup of tea and a Netflix binge, opt for joining a book club, picking up a winter sport like show shoeing or skiing, hopping into a Meetup …

Will Amazon deliver to a PO box?

Yes, Amazon Prime delivers to PO boxes, and you are still eligible for the Free Standard Shipping fee. However, Amazon Day Delivery, Same-day Delivery, and 2-Day Delivery cannot deliver things to PO boxes. At checkout, you’ll be able to tell whether your purchases qualify for Amazon Prime benefits.

Does R2 know Vader is Anakin?

One of the mysteries from the original trilogy that was fueled by the prequels is why R2-D2 never told Luke that Darth Vader was his father, as he actually knew Anakin Skywalker and witnessed his turn to the dark side.

Did Darth Vader know he had twins?

At the end of ROTJ Vader senses out of Luke that he’s worried about his ‘sister’, and deduces he had twins with Padme. They fight, Vader kills the Emperor, which in turn nearly kills Vader. At the end, after his mask is pulled off Vader says “Tell your sister, you were right..

Did Leia forgive Anakin?

Like others have said before, Vader didn’t destroy Alderaan. Vader did torture Leia on several occasions though. Leia did eventually forgive Anakin and named her second son after him.

How did Rey have two blue lightsabers?

Because Rey exhausted her energy in killing Palpatine, and because Ben used the last of his energy in reviving Rey, she’s left on her own with two Skywalker lightsabers.

What is the ending of the monkey’s paw?

After dinner, he leaves while the family try to decide how to use their wishes. Eventually, Herbert brings up the fact that there are two hundred pounds required to “clear” the house. It is settled then that the wish be used for two hundred pounds and Mr White holds the Monkey’s Paw in his right hand and makes a wish.

What prompted Mr White to make the last wish narrate the incident leading to it?

Answer: His wife is trying desperately to open the door in the firm belief that it is her son Herbert outside. Mr. White believes it too.

What was Mr White’s final wish Why do you think this?

White’s final wish, the fact that the moment he found the paw on the floor, he “frantically breathed his third and last wish and the knocking ceased suddenly,” implies that the father’s last wish was for his son to return to where he now belongs.

Is Jesus a wizard in Harry Potter?

Wizards celebrate Christmas, despite being out of touch with most muggle customs, which can basically only mean one thing: Jesus was magic.

What does the church say about Harry Potter?

The magic in Harry Potter is fictional, so the Bible and the Catechism wouldn’t condemn it. Harry Potter is a story, a work of an author’s imagination, a modern-day parable. It’s just like how attending a child’s magic show does not put one in danger of being involved in “real” sorcery.

When did the dunce cap stop being used?

Slower learners — and even left-handed students — were frequently subject to discipline, which might have included a dunce cap. Dunce caps were used as late as the 1950s in American schools, when they were phased out and banned in most Western schools, according to EveryThingWhat.

What was Mr White’s 3rd wish?

In The Monkey’s Paw, what is the third wish and what are its consequences? He wished for his son to be dead again and the consequences were that the mother saw him and she was in anguish.

What happened at the end of Monkey’s paw?

Nothing happened. Satisfied, he set the monkey’s paw aside and the Whites went about their lives. Herbert went off to work, and it was full dark before the Whites heard a knock at their door. It was uniformed officers from Herbert’s factory, with shocking news: There had been an accident, and Herbert had been killed.

What can I put in my wallet app?

With the Wallet app, you can add and use resort passes, boarding passes, movie tickets, coupons, rewards cards, and more. You can also share some passes and tickets.

What can be shipped by USPS Media Mail?

Using Media MailBooks (at least 8 pages)16-millimeter or narrower width films.Printed music and test materials.Video and sound recordings.Playscripts and manuscripts.Printed educational reference charts.Medical loose-leaf pages and binders.Computer-readable media.