When the frequency of applied voltage in series RL circuit is increased What happens to the inductive reactance explain in brief?

The inductive reactance is determined using equation 8–21a. If in this series circuit the frequency of the applied voltage increases, then inductive reactance increases and the voltage drop across the inductor increases because the inductive reactance is a larger portion of the total impedance in the circuit.

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When inductors are connected in series in a circuit the total inductance is where the magnetic fields of each inductor do not affect the others?

When inductors are connected in series in a circuit, the total inductance is (where the magnetic fields of each inductor do not affect the others)… equal to the sum of the individual inductances. When more than two inductors of different inductances are connected in parallel in a circuit, the total inductance is…

When inductors are connected in series in a circuit the total inductance is?

When inductors are connected in series, the total inductance is the sum of the individual inductors’ inductances. To understand why this is so, consider the following: the definitive measure of inductance is the amount of voltage dropped across an inductor for a given rate of current change through it.

What happens if you short circuit a charged capacitor?

You can think of shorting a charged capacitor like you would shorting a battery. When you short a storage device the only resistance in the circuit is the tiny resistance of the wire and the ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) of the device itself.

What happens to total current flow if the voltage of a series circuit is doubled and the resistance stays constant?

By Ohm’s Law, V=IR , where V is the voltage, I is the current, and R is the resistance. We can solve for current and replace V with 2V to see the result. This is equivalent to I=2(VR) . Therefore, we can see that if the voltage doubles, the current also doubles for the same resistance.

What happens when DC motor is connected to AC supply the power factor is low?

When an AC supply is given to the DC series motor then there will be high inductance in field and armature circuits which causes a low power factor.

What happens when a DC motor loses its field current?

The back-EMF will drop as rapidly as the field current drops. Then the armature will just appear as a resistance in series with an inductance, and the current will rise according to the applied voltage and the armature’s L/R time constant.

What would happen to the inductance current and voltage if you connect two or more inductors in series and in parallel?

Also connecting together inductors in parallel decreases the effective inductance of the circuit with the equivalent inductance of “N” inductors connected in parallel being the reciprocal of the sum of the reciprocals of the individual inductances.

When inductors are connected in series the total inductance can be found using what formula?

This implies that there are no flux lines from one inductor linking with another, and hence there will be no mutual flux between the coils. The inductance of series connected inductors is calculated as the sum of the individual inductances of each coil since the current change through each coil is same. V = L di/ dt.

When the series RL voltage is connected to a voltage source V at t 0 the current passing through the inductor at t 0 is?

Explanation: At t = 0+ the current in the circuit is zero. Therefore at t = 0+, i = 0 => 0 = c + 2 =>c = -2.

What will happen if the 220 volts DC series motor is connected to 220 volt AC supply?

The motor will not run.

How are home appliances connected in series or parallel?

The correct answer is in parallel. The different electrical appliances in a domestic circuit are connected in parallel. If one electrical appliance stops working due to some defect, then all other appliances keep working properly.

What happens if the household electric appliances are connected in series?

Expert-verified answer A series arrangement is not suitable for connecting domestic electrical appliances in a circuit, because in case if any one of the electrical appliances stops working due to any kind of defect, then all other appliances also stop working.

Are home appliances connected in series or parallel and why explain it properly with short paragraph?

Answer: The home appliances are connected parallel to avoid shot circuits in home appliances. Explanation: If the home appliance are not connected parallel then the risk of shot circuit by the touching of wires.

Which connection is used to operate multiple devices in a household connection?

What Is a Parallel Circuit? Much more common than series circuits are those wired in parallel—including most household branch circuits powering light fixtures, outlets, and appliances.

Why are household appliances never connected in series?

Household appliances aren’t connected in series because if they were they would have to “share” the line voltage with the other appliances in the circuit. Each time an appliance was added to the circuit, the voltage available to run each appliance would go down, along with the current through each appliance.

What happens when the electrical appliances in home are connected in series?

Let us suppose, the electrical appliances are connected in series, then if we switch on one appliance, all the other electrical appliances will automatically start on. Also, if the electrical appliances are connected in series, the potential difference across every electrical appliance would vary.

When inductors are connected in series the voltage across each inductor is?

Explanation: When inductances are connected in series, the equivalent inductance is equal to the sum of all the individual inductance values. Hence Leq= L1+L2+L3= 12H.

What would happen if the load was lost while running a series connected DC motor?

The DC motor will continue its rotation if it is at NO LOAD. If the load is more than the no load ( torque required to overcome friction and windage losses) condition the motor stops and a chance of high current flow may damage the winding if the voltage applied is high (Close to rated voltage if it is there).

When two inductors are connected in series voltage flows in the inductor will get increase or decrease justify?

Mutually Connected Inductors in Series When inductors are connected together in series so that the magnetic field of one links with the other, the effect of mutual inductance either increases or decreases the total inductance depending upon the amount of magnetic coupling.

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