What was the budget for Top Gun?

15 million USDTop Gun / Budge.

How much do Hamilton Broadway actors get paid?

On Broadway, actors make a union-mandated minimum salary of $1,900 a week (though more than likely, the “Hamilton” actors make more). That amounts to a conservative estimate of $98,800.

Who has performed in the most Broadway shows?

As the Guinness World Record holder for the most performances in the same Broadway show, George Lee Andrews thought he had seen it all during his 23 years in “The Phantom of the Opera,” including 12 different actors in the title role and the stunning metamorphosis of a once-seedy Times Square.

Did Tom Cruise take acting classes?

Tom Cruise never went to acting school. Tom Cruise grew up loving movies, but when his parents divorced, things became difficult, and his family was unable to buy each other Christmas gifts. In high school, he would work on a play that would change his life.

How does Tom Cruise stay so healthy?

He eats grilled foods. Nothing fried for this movie star. According to Men’s Health, Cruise sticks to foods cooked at low temperatures—mainly grilled. That’s because foods cooked at high temperatures can cause chronic tissue inflammation and speed up aging.

Is Tom Cruise vegan?

Film Actor Tom Cruise is also a vegetarian.

Is entertainment free on cruises?

Entertainment. Most entertainment on your cruise is included with your fare. Live music, production shows, karaoke, concerts, in-room television programming (minus pay-per-view) and game shows are just some of what you expect to enjoy for no extra cost.

What do you shout out at Rocky Horror?

TimeWarp – The Virgins Guide to Rocky Horror. o there you are, sat in a cinema or theatre, waiting to see Rocky Horror for the first time, when a strangely dressed person comes up to you and utters the immortal phrase “are you a virgin?” don’t panic, it’s not a proposition (although you never know your luck!.

What to do in 24 hours in Manchester?

UK breaks: 24 hours in ManchesterMunch at Albert’s Schloss. Albert’s Schloss. Muse at Castlefield Gallery. Castlefield Gallery. Marvel at John Rylands Library. John Rylands Library. Lunch at Refuge by Volta. Linger at the Whitworth. Learn with New Manchester Walks. Snack at Evelyn’s Cafe Bar. Splash out in the Northern Quarter.

Who is Ireland’s most popular celebrity?

Ireland’s most famous celebrities in 2021Conor McGregor, UFC. Bono. Bono, lead singer with U2. Saoirse Ronan, Irish Actress. Niall Horan, Ireland musician. Roy Keane, former Ireland and Manchester United superstar. Rory McIlroy, golfing prodigy. He’ll find you…Liam Neeson. Graham Norton, comedian, presenter and actor.

How much did Keanu Reeves get paid for John Wick?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor earned an upfront salary between $1 million and $2 million on the original John Wick. For the sequels — released in 2017 and 2019 — his paycheck stands somewhere around the $2 million to $2.5 million range.

How much did Keanu Reeves get paid for Matrix?

Keanu was paid $10 million upfront for the 1999 sci-fi flick and further earned $35 million when the movie became a box office blockbuster. The report states that The Matrix Resurrections actor donated 70 per cent of the money, which is a whopping $31.5 million to leukaemia research.

What can I do for fun with my toddler?

From fun games and kid-friendly exercises to easy craft for kids, we’ve pulled together a huge number of activities for toddlers that are sure to liven up any afternoon…….75 fun things to do with toddlers:Create with playdough. Visit the park. Go swimming. Make a mask. Indoor Cinema. Printing fun. Bake cakes. Sand pit.

What happens if a movie loses money?

In the film and media industry, if a film released in theatres fails to break even by a large amount, it is considered a box office bomb (or box office flop), thus losing money for the distributor, studio, and/or production company that invested in it.

Where was Shameless filmed in Manchester?

West Gorto.

Did Tom Cruise lip sync in Rock of Ages?

All of the actors sing their own parts in the film. Cruise told People Weekly Magazine that he had always wanted to appear in a musical but he found the idea frightening because he was uncertain whether he could actually pull it off.

Did Tom Cruise do the singing in Rock of Ages?

For the film, which opens in theaters on June 15, Cruise worked on his singing voice for months. “He was singing literally four or five hours per day. He wouldn’t stop, and I started to get scared he was going to blow out his voice,” Shankman said, adding that “There’s no 100 percent with him, there’s 10,000 percent..

Why did Rock of Ages fail?

An awkward combination of a good cast, cheesy musical numbers and an overload of promiscuous scenes. The two minute trailers for “Rock of Ages” lacked a plot and were filled with snippets of musical numbers: the full movie is 123 minutes of just that.

What do they do to virgins at Rocky Horror?

As an appetizer, “virgins,” those who have never seen the movie before, are sacrificed. They are brought on stage to be embarrassed for the audience’s amusement, before being allowed to return to their seats.

What do you shout at Rocky Horror?

TimeWarp – The Virgins Guide to Rocky Horror. o there you are, sat in a cinema or theatre, waiting to see Rocky Horror for the first time, when a strangely dressed person comes up to you and utters the immortal phrase “are you a virgin?” don’t panic, it’s not a proposition (although you never know your luck!.

What has been filmed at Sudeley Castle?

The castle featured in the 1976 movie Beauty and the Beast. The castle featured in the 1994 film Martin Chuzzlewit. The castle featured in the 2008 mini-series Tess of the D’Urbervilles. The castle featured in the 2017 film adaption The White Princess, a novel by Philippa Gregory.

Whats in the rock Bury?

About. The Rock is home to over 50 stores, a 10 screen Vue cinema, 24 lane AMF bowling alley and Fit for Free gym as well as 13 cafés and restaurants. With flagship stores Debenhams and M&S flanked by high street retailers such as Primark, H&M, Topshop, River Island and Pandora there really is something for everyone.

Does Keanu Reeves donate his money?

Enter Keanu Reeves, who donated 70% of his original earnings from The Matrix to cancer research.

Who actually flew the planes in Top Gun: Maverick?

But here’s something you may not know-the actors aren’t actually flying. They’re sitting behind military pilots who are. The scenes look real, because they are. The movie’s creators made sure of it, by having all the actors go through three months of rigorous training to avoid air sickness.

Is Tom Cruise an actual pilot?

Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise has had his Pilot License since 1994, honestly, anything else would have been a disappointment, of course, Maverick himself knows how to fly.

Does Daniel Day-Lewis still live in Ireland?

The actor, who was born in the UK but now lives in Ireland, is most certainly one of the greatest actors Hollywood has ever seen. Here’s a rundown of some of his best roles. Daniel Day-Lewis was born on April 29, 1957, in the UK, but now enjoys dual British and Irish citizenship, and has lived in Co Wexford since 1997.