What is the limit of reporting of cash transactions to FIU?

A bank has to furnish a CTR to the FIU every month “incorporating all transactions over ₹10 lakh or its equivalent in foreign currency or a series of integrally connected transactions that add up to more than ₹10 lakh or its equivalent in foreign currency..

Are 500 rupee notes accepted?

Starting from midnight 8 November 2016 all ₹500 and ₹1000 banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi Series ceased to be a form of legal tender after a televised address to India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Does Mercedes make a boat?

Mercedes doesn’t list an asking price for this one-off speedboat, but the 41-foot Nighthawk series from Cigarette starts at around $800,000, and each of those five engines costs nearly $50,000 each….Gallery: Mercedes-AMG Cigarette 41-Foot Nighthawk AMG Black Series.CategoryDesign Supercars OfficialBody StyleCoupe•Jun 24, 202.

What is zero-rated purchases in Singapore?

Standard-rated and zero-rated purchases refer to your purchases made from GST-registered suppliers who charge GST at prevailing GST rate or 0% respectively. The value to be entered in Box 5 should exclude any GST amount.

Who should pay GST Singapore?

All goods brought into Singapore are subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST) at the prevailing rate of 7% on the value of goods, which may include the cost, insurance and freight (CIF) plus other chargeable costs and the duty payable (if applicable).

What is the GST rate on LED TV 43 inch?

28% as it is more than 32 inch.

How are cable TV charges calculated?

The new regulatory tariff introduces a monthly NCF or Network Capacity Fee to your cable TV bill. This NCF is Rs 130 for 100 channels. The NCF in total is Rs 130+18% GST, which comes to Rs 153. For those who choose more than 100 channels in their monthly pack, there will be extra NCF of Rs 20 for a slab of 25 channels.

How can I avoid paying GST in Singapore?

As such, as a traveller, if you have been away from Singapore for a week and purchased S$500 worth of goods meant for personal consumption, you would not need to pay GST since you are eligible for GST relief of up to S$500 in purchase value.

How do I claim tax back from Singapore?

For cash refund, please head to the Central Refund Counter in the Departure Transit Lounge (after departure immigration) with your passport. Cash refund is not available if you are departing from Seletar Airport. For credit card, you may proceed for boarding after completing your claims at the eTRS kiosk.

What is the tax rate for cable TV?


Can Singaporeans claim GST refund?

As a tourist in Singapore, if you make any purchase of more than S$100 (including GST) at participating shops, you may claim a refund on the 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid on your purchases.

Can I watch 4K on 1080p laptop?

Yeah you can do that. If you play a 4k movie in 1080p resolution laptop, your laptop will resize 4k(2160p) to 1080p but the movie will look more shrap than a normal 1080p movie. Yes definately u can watch it but it will not be in 4k laptop’s media player will show it in 1080p resolution.

Can passengers go on cargo ships?

A variety of freight ships will take passengers, but most are container ships. Accommodation is of a good standard. Facilities vary greatly but there’s likely to be a lounge, with TV, DVD and CD player and a selection of films and books, shared with officers and sometimes crew.

Is entertainment tax still applicable?

By definition, entertainment tax is a type of tax which is levied by the government on entertainment aspects like movie tickets, large scale commercial shows and other private festival celebrations. With the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the entertainment tax is no longer applicable.

How do I claim duty free in Singapore?

Apply for your GST refund using the eTRS self-help kiosks at Changi Airport Departure Check-in Hall (before departure immigration)1 and Departure Transit Lounge (after departure immigration)2; and at Seletar Airport Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) duty office.

Can foreigners claim GST in Singapore?

The scheme allows tourists to claim a refund of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid on goods purchased from participating retailers if the goods are brought out of Singapore via Changi International Airport or Seletar Airport.

What is the GST rate for cable TV?


What is the GST rate on TV channels?

Exhibition of MoviesPre-GSTGSTTelevision: No VAT Service Tax @ 15% Entertainment tax on broadcasting services (D2H / Cable TV services) : 8-12%Television: GST on broadcasting services (D2H / Cable TV services) : GST at 18%•Jan 12, 202.

What is the tax on 32 LED TV in India?

18 per cen.

How are cigarettes packaged?

Individual cigarettes are sorted into pack-sized groups and wrapped in foil to preserve their freshness. The pack itself is assembled around the cigarettes. The finished pack is then wrapped with a protective film, which also serves to preserve the cigarettes’ aroma and freshness.

What is bank lending process?

The lending process involves a series of activities that lead to the approval or rejection of a bank loan application. The loan department of a bank employs different credit professionals with unique roles and responsibilities that complement each other to make the lending process complete.

Can you record a police officer without permission UK?

Is Filming the Police Illegal UK? Any member of the public can film a police officer on the streets without asking permission. There is no UK law stopping anyone filming activities in a public place. All police forces in Great Britain adopt the Metropolitan Police guidelines on photography.

How much RAM do I need to watch 4K movies?

CPU and RAM aren’t that big a deal with 4k video playback. I would say 8GB of RAM would be perfectly fine along with any processor that won’t bottelneck too bad with the GTX 1050.

Is Bollywood famous in Thailand?

Bangkok: Thailand may be thousands of kilometres from India, but Bollywood cinema is making an impact here. There is a legion of Indian film fans in the Thai capital and now hundreds of Thais are training to master the rhythmic, alluring, and acrobatic art of Bollywood dancing.

Which Indian actress is famous in Thailand?

She has 2 brothers, the elder Chaiya Mitchai, who is a famous Likay actor and singer in Thailand and her younger brother Mit Mitchai….Ann MitchaiBornPriya Samanabaramee May 31, 1985 Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, ThailandOccupationActress, singerYears active1995–presentMusical caree.

Which country watched Bollywood movies?

Bollywood is loved by people all across the globe and here is a list of 9 countries that are crazy for Bollywood just as much as we are!1) China. Source. 2) Pakistan. Source. 3) Poland. Source. 4) Egypt. Source. 5) Afghanistan. Source. 6) Taiwan. Source. 7) Peru. Source. 8) Germany. Source.

Can Windows 10 play 4K videos?

You can play high-definition videos (HD, Ultra-HD, or 4K) in the Movies & TV app on Windows. To enjoy high-definition quality, make sure that: The video itself is HD or 4K (not SD)