What is reward points in ICICI Credit Card?

Reward points are earned on almost every transaction made via ICICI credit card– be it shopping, high-value purchases, International travel, bill payments. Reward points earned are doubled when the card is used to pay at any of the 100+ PAYBACK Partners.

Can I use Amazon Pay later for movie tickets?

No, this feature is not supported on Amazon. However, we strive to offer the best deals to you for booking movie tickets on Amazon. What is convenience fee.

Are all movies the same price?

Senior rates and matinee discounts exist, but movie theaters don’t offer different prices for different films showing at the same time. “Since the early 1970s, at any given movie theater, one price has been charged for all movies, seven days a week, 365 days a year,” Barak Y.

Which theatre has more seats in Chennai?

Of the five theaters Sathyam has the largest seating capacity of 1250 seats, Santham has 550 seats, and Subham has 375 seats.

What is XPOD Theatre?

XPOD is the abbreviated form for Experience the Power of Digital Cinema. XPOD engages your movie experience with an exotic and lively digital delight, delivering a rich and vibrant Digital Live Experience. XPOD takes you beyond the traditional viewing of cinema to the next level of realistic experience.

How does inflation affect cinemas?

Inflationary pressures have pushed up fixed costs too. Although movie costs are the same, variable costs on the upkeep and food have gone up by roughly 10% of the costs incurred earlier.

Should I keep my car running at a drive in movie?

It’s never good to idle your car, and that also applies at the drive-in, where there are other moviegoers around who aren’t interested in breathing in any exhaust fumes. Leaving your car in the accessory mode with the engine off should allow you to keep the radio on so you can hear the movie without the engine running.

How do you cuddle at a drive in movie?

How to Cuddle at a Drive in Movie1 Pick a fun date movie to go see.2 Wear comfortable clothes.3 Bring along a few blankets.4 Pack a few pillows.5 Take lawn chairs for the option to sit outside.6 Get to the drive-in early for the best view.7 Lean in close if you’re in the front seats.

How much was a movie ticket in 1950?

In 1950, a person could purchase a movie ticket for a mere 46 cents on average.

How much did a movie ticket cost in 1970?

Observe that in constant dollars, movie-ticket prices more than doubled between 1935 (when they cost a quarter; that’s $2.93 in 1999 dollars) and 1970 (when they cost $1.55; $6.68 in 1999 dollars). Prices for movie tickets peaked, in constant dollars, during the 1970s.

How can I select my seat in Bookmyshow?

Procedure to book tickets through bookmyshow.com:Log on to Google.com yourself(We Recommend!) Sign in or ‘Fconnect’Select the desired City. Select movie/cinema, date & time.Select the seating category and the no. ‘Choose Seats’ as per your preference.Click on ‘Continue.

Do you leave your car running during a drive in movie?

Do you have to leave your car on during a drive-in movie? No, you don’t need to leave your car on during the movie. Run the car for a few minutes as soon as you park to make sure the battery has enough power to last for the whole movie.

Which is an example of communication device used in video conferencing?

Displays: laptop, desktop monitor, television screen. Microphones and cameras: built-in microphones and webcams, USB microphones and webcams. Speakers: built-in computer speaker, external speaker, VoIP (voice over IP) conferencing phone. Internet Connection: WiFi, ethernet.

How many drive-ins are left in the US 2021?

The United Drive-In Theatre Owner’s Association reports that there are still 305 drive-in theaters currently operating in the United States. With the exception of Louisiana and North Dakota, you can still catch a movie under the stars from the comfort of your own car almost anywhere in the country.

How many drive-ins are left in the US 2020?


What is BookMyShow stream?

If you haven’t checked it out yet, BookMyShow Stream has a handpicked, specially curated library of some of the best, most celebrated and award-winning films and content from around the world. Users can rent or buy these films and watch them online.

Can we modify ticket in BookMyShow?

While we offer cancellation for various cinema, cancellation or modification for an online streaming event is currently unavailable.

Can we reschedule tickets in BookMyShow?

– Login into the BookMyShow app/website. Click on ‘Profile’ on the bottom right of the app or the upper-right of the website. – Select ‘Purchase History’ and choose the booking you wish to cancel. – Select the booking you wish to cancel and tap on ‘Cancel Booking’ available on the bottom-right of the screen.

Can a 16 year old watch KGF 2?

Yash reveals KGF: Chapter 2 will not be suitable for kids.

Can a 12 year old watch KGF 2?

KGF Chapter 2 got the age rating certificate of U/A from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) because of the violence scenes. The film is not suitbale for kids because of excessive violence when compared to the KGF: Chapter 1. The run time of the movie is 2 hours and 48 minutes.

Does showcase have NHS discount?

As of right now, here at nhsDiscounts.org.uk there are active promotion codes and deals to use today at the Showcase Cinemas website….What we do:🔝 Best discount:£3.12👨‍⚕️ NHS code:25% off🆕 New deals:0🏪 Tested today:YesApr 30, 202.

Is Showcase safe?

Showcase is not legitimate business, everybody out there be extremely careful because if you would wish to return item you both from them you will never, ever get your money back.

How do I order Showcase?

Login to your Tata Play account and select Order Showcase.Give a missed call on 07736377633 from your Registered Mobile Number.Send SMS SC 89347 to 56633 from your Registered Mobile Number.​