What did Asimov think of Star Wars?

Asimov nodded his approval of George Lucas’ “Star Wars” films, but, he said, generally speaking, “decent science fiction won’t do well, because people want special effects . . . it’s come to dominate. Otherwise, 400 million people would be reading my books..

Is there going to be a 2nd season of hacks?

HBO Max is going back to Las Vegas. Hacks, the streamer’s breakout comedy about the dark mentorship between two comedians, is returning for a second season.

What writer has written the most books?

Further investigation turns up a report that “In 2006, Guinness World Records declared L. Ron Hubbard the world’s most published and most translated author, having published 1,084 fiction and non-fiction works that have been translated into 71 languages..

Do we learn from movies?

Movies teach us all sorts of things: how to aspire, who to fantasize about (all those princes will come), how to smoke, dress, walk into a room (always like Bette Davis). They teach us who to love and how, as well as the ostensible necessity of sacrificing love along with careers.

Is About Time a feel-good movie?

About Time Is the Underrated Movie I Recommend to Anyone in Need of a Pick-Me-Up. If you ever ask me for a feel-good movie recommendation, I’m going to respond, “Have you seen About Time?” It’s the onscreen version of comfort food: warm, cozy, and only slightly cheesy, as any movie (or meal) should be.

How do you write a hot kissing scene?

Metaphors are key. Build maximum tension before the kiss begins. Pay attention to psychology. Treat the act of kissing as an entire narrative, with a beginning, rising action, and climax. Have your kissing scene be a revelation. Think about the experiences of both your characters.

What is a clean romance?

A ‘clean’ romance is simply a way to describe a romance story that does not contain explicit sex, versus a romance story that does contain sex.

Does Finn exist in The 100 books?

The Missing Characters If you watched The 100 first, then it’ll crush your soul to learn that Finn, Raven, Murphy, Charlotte, Jasper, and Monty are not featured in the books.

What do films mean to you?

Films can bring about a change in society or in people’s minds. Good films make us feel joy, sorrow, thrill and other things. We feel what the characters feel and we understand why the characters do what they do in the films. Films portray so. Films are very important.

What books inspired George Lucas?

J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. J. R. R. Tolkien’s 1937 The Hobbit and 1954–55 The Lord of the Rings novels inspired George Lucas’s creation of Star Wars in 1977.

How is Harry Potter different from movie and book?

Harry learns that only Slytherins go bad from Hagrid in Diagon Alley. In the film, he learns it from Ron during the Sorting ceremony. In the book Percy Weasley wears glasses but throughout the films, he is seen without them. Hedwig’s name is never mentioned, except in a deleted scene.

Is Yelena asexual?

Yelena Belova is made her debut to mainstream audiences in Black Widow. What some fans may not know about Yelena, however, is that she is asexual. In an interview on the official Marvel website, writer Devin Grayson discusses the differences between Natasha and Yelena.

Why is Harry Potter so special in the movie?

Harry Potter was important for the wizard world because “he set them free” from Voldemort’s first reign of terror. That alone already made him popular. And he did so by surviving a spell that you can’t survive. So people give him extraordinary powers.

Are harry potter movies like the books?

If you are a HP movie fan and you haven’t read the books, though, there are some pretty major differences between your Potter experience and a Potter book-lover experience. Though it’s the same story, the books and movies aren’t the same. The movies contain plot points and things that the books don’t, and vice versa.

What are some books that turned into movies?

Read on for our list of the best movies based on books.To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)Little Women (2019)The Color Purple (1985)The Wizard of Oz (1939)The Remains of the Day (1993)Sense and Sensibility (1995)Forrest Gump (1994)Persepolis (2007.

What age group does Marvel target?

In the United States, around 54 percent of adults aged 18 to 34 have seen one or more of the films from Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ series.

Why books are better than movies Quora?

You get details about the surroundings, the people, the conversation. Whereas in movies you watch the scene in few minutes, in books you spend more time with them. That’s why you can feel the scene more from a book. Again you can use your imagination to create the world in your mind from the book.

WHY IS The Life of Pi a good book?

The book spends a great amount of time carefully bringing across his deepest beliefs to the reader, without any judgment toward the reader for their own specific beliefs. Pi’s personality is formed by his belief in a multitude of religions as he comes to love the spirituality of life at a young age.

Is Life of Pi a real movie?

The film, Life of Pi, is not based on a true story and is a fictional story that is based on Yann Martel’s novel of the same name that released in 2001. However, director Ang Lee wanted the film to have depth and realism. Steven Callahan, a survivor of the shipwreck that Lee requested to act as the film’s consultant.

Who is Eminem’s favorite Marvel character?

The Web Head is Eminem’s favorite super hero! : r/Spiderman.

How do you tell if a graph is converging or diverging?

convergeIf a series has a limit, and the limit exists, the series converges. divergentIf a series does not have a limit, or the limit is infinity, then the series is divergent. divergesIf a series does not have a limit, or the limit is infinity, then the series diverges.

What is Marvel’s target audience?

Fans of Marvel comics, films or TV shows are most likely to be millennials (40 percent). Roughly one-quarter of the Marvel fan base are baby boomers and Gen Xers, while Gen Zers account for just 9 percent of Marvel fans. More than half (55 percent) of Marvel fans have a household income of less than $50,000 a year.

Can you tie poly tape electric fence?

1. Tie and join your polywire, braid or tape. Take both ends of the break in your electric fence wire or tape and tie them together as securely as you can, leaving just over an inch or about 4 centimetres of excess wire or tape on both sides.

Who has a crush on Numbuh 3?

Throughout the series, it was obvious that Numbuh 3 has a crush on Numbuh 4, but both were respectively too shy and stubborn to admit her feelings.

What medium do comic artists use?

For example, some comic artists begin their projects with rough sketches made using traditional pen and paper. They then scan the work, so the art can be imported into Illustrator. Once the drawing is inside Illustrator, a visual artist uses Illustrator’s pens and brushes to flesh out the work and “ink” it.

Should I read a spoiler?

They found that people didn’t just enjoy spoilers because they knew the ending, but that spoilers helped viewers or readers understand the overall narrative’s purpose and incorporate all the details and plot points better. “If you know the ending as you watch it, you can understand what the filmmaker is doing.

How do you hang a window box on brick without drilling?

How to Attach a Window Box to Brick without DrillingStep 1: Gather Tools and Materials. Step 2: Mark the Area to Install the Window Box. Step 3: Attach D-Ring Hooks to the Window Box. Step 4: Fasten the Vinyl Siding Hooks. Step 5: Suspend the Hanger.

Who invented spoilers?

The development, done entirely by hand by Peter Brock, was pioneering stuff. An engineer from Convair, asked to look over Brock’s prototype, insisted that the car should be at least three feet longer for stability.

Is making a film difficult?

If you’ve ever picked up a camera, tried to wrangle actors, or sat down to write a script, you know that making movies is not an easy endeavor. There are a lot of moving pieces and continual obstacles to overcome, and even those who’ve been at it a while admit it’s difficult.