I saw Star Wars, as it was called in very early 1978. I remember the line around the Gaumont Cinema in Birmingham, as well as the spring in my step I had after watching the colour, special effects, story driven spectacle. My life was changed forever.

Fast forward forty something years, and we have the final chapter in the Skywalker Saga. Rebooted in 2014 with JJ Abrams’ “The Force Awakens” again, cinema goers, including myself were reminded for the first time since “The Return of the Jedi” that a film in the franchise could cultivate the excitement of the first film. It did.

The Last Jedi aside, (I still think it was a good film), The Rise of Skywalker was the grand finale. It was supposed to wrap everything up in a wonderful bow and put it to rest. To be clear, the film is very entertaining with some really great set pieces, but what it aimed to do, was to close several narratives at the same time. It made a valiant attempt, but , in the confusion, left me with a sense of overkill, visually as well as thematically.

Let me be clear ! TROS is a great film. It will entertain you. For the more discerning Star Wars fans , there might be a sense of it being concluded far too efficiently and with no small sense of ” Oh they used that trope again !”

There are a few, welcome surprises that will put a comforting smile on your face as the final chapter ends, and hopefully, a new era in terms of Star wars films will begin.

Overall score
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Though not a card-carrying member of the SciFi Geek fraternity, Excel Maniac does have a proclivity for Harry Potter, as well as being demure. In her spare time she does not dress up as Star Trek characters.


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