Let there be no doubt ! Disney+ has scored a mammoth hit with “The Mandalorian”. It has already become the most torrented show in history..outstripping game of Thrones. I think that the second most obvious thing is the reason why. There is no reference to Skywalker and no Darth Vader. Not that these are bad things. I do think that the fan base is a little weary of Star Wars just being about that conflict.

There is an obvious influence coming from the “Spagetti western” in this show, but that’s fine. The characters are compelling as well as the arch of the story. Where does it end for baby Yoda ?

The Internet”s new favourite baby !

The last episode was a little bit of a stumble, as it mostly paid fan service to the Star Wars hardcore fans when it decided to focus on the planet of Tatooine, and the suggestion that the mystery figure might be Bobba Fett !

Anyway, enjoy this like a fine wine, and be aware of the fact that Season 2 is already in the pipeline.

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