Add a smidgen of “Epic” magazine along with a dash of “Heavy Metal” and you might get what I can only describe as the best anthology series on Netflix to rival the hallowed ” Black Mirror”. Love, Death and Robots” is a series of short vignettes about the life of those three things. Somewhat x-rated in language and an overabundance of side and front boob, along with no small amount of full frontal and unadulterated gore. Don’t let this fool you into thinking that this is just some teenage boy’s fantasy, akin to the pneumatic breasts and burgeoning buttocks of Lara Croft. LDR is like a good anthology of science fiction stories to remind you of the best episodes of “The Outer Limits or, dare I say “The Twilight Zone”.

Added to this is the awesome CGI as well as traditional animation. I cannot think of a single episode where this is not standing out, though for me , the best episode , both in terms of animation and simple effective story telling was ” Helping Hand”

“Helping Hand” was personally a triumph.

Netflix have a real gem on their hand. “Beyond The Aquila Drift” and “Suits” also come to mind as excellent storytelling. Netflix have a real gem on their hands and I hope to see more of this excellent series. (9/10).

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