Is there any such thing as an anti-war film?

A case in point is Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 film, Full Metal Jacket, which focuses on Marines in training in the US and in action in Vietnam. It is routinely cited as one of the best anti-war films ever made. The film presents an unflattering picture of soldiers dehumanised by a military machine and reduced to killers.

Why is Braveheart rated R?

Parents need to know that Braveheart is a 1995 movie in which Mel Gibson plays William Wallace, a Scotsman who leads a revolt against the British during the 13th century. This movie has high levels of blood and gore (animal and human), vulgarity, and sexual elements.

How do I get my money back from YouTube TV?

If you subscribe to YouTube TV through your mobile carrier or internet provider:YouTube cannot grant a refund.In these cases, your provider’s refund policies will apply. You’ll need to get in touch with them directly to request a refund, or for any questions related to your bill.

What caused the decline in the prosperity of the movie industry in the 1950’s?

Postwar Hollywood was besieged by labor strife and runaway costs, by rebellious exhibitors and restricted foreign markets, by censorship battles and anti-Communist purges, and, most significantly, by declining domestic revenues and an inglorious end to its decade-long antitrust battles.

What is Winpin in Bookmyshow?

Go through the regular ticketing flow on BookMyShow Mobile App for selecting the movie, cinema and show of your choice. 4. Select WinPin offer in the Offer List & enter your 16-digit WinPin code (that you have received on email) & apply. 5. Congratulations.

What is BMS discount?

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Is Odeon cheaper than Vue?

Of the three big chains, Vue had the biggest disparity between the cheapest and most expensive cinemas (300%), followed by Odeon (127%).

What can I spend my Odeon gift card on?

An ODEON gift card can be used to pay for tickets, snacks and drinks online and in cinemas. ODEON corporate gift cards provide a memorable cinema experience to reward, incentivise and motivate employees and stakeholders, and to drive customer acquisition and loyalty.

How did the letter stay dry in 1917?

However, Schofield had placed the letter into a metal box with his photographs, and this box might have been sufficiently watertight to keep the contents dry during the time he was submerged. Near the end of the film ‘No Man’s Land’ the soldiers charge through to get to the German trenches is a grassy meadow.

How do I use my limitless membership?

You can use your Limitless membership as soon as you have joined online. Odeon will provide you with a printable temporary membership card and number to use while you wait for the permanent card to arrive in the post. You will need to bring this card with you when you visit the cinema.

How much do cinema workers get paid UK?

The average salary for Cinema jobs is £22,493. Read on to find out how much Cinema jobs pay across various UK locations and industries….How much do Cinema jobs pay in different locations?LocationCentral LondonAverage£32,500Range£23,000​-​£48,750Jobs*view jobs (31.

How long is previews at the movies?

approximately 20 minute.

Why can’t I add a ticket to Apple Wallet?

If you don’t see the option to add a card, ticket, or other pass to Wallet, contact the merchant to make sure that they support passes in Wallet. You might need to tap Add to Apple Wallet, then tap Add in the upper right corner of the pass.

Can a 17 year old go to theatre?

Rest of the cities: Children aged 3 years and above will require a ticket. All children can watch movies. However, some cinema has set rules as an Adult movie (18 years and above) or Under Adult.

Does Band of Brothers glorify war?

While a lot of media will glorify war, Band of Brothers certainly does not. It explores war in all its ugliness, all of its pointless waste and death. It illustrates the sacrifice and the cost so very clearly, and without judgement.

Is Gladiator child appropriate?

This is a very violent movie. A woman and child are brutally tortured, killed, and crucified mostly offscreen, and their charred feet and ankles are shown. People are sliced up, burned, and decapitated.

Is Gladiator appropriate for a 13 year old?

So do made sure your child is a mature child and is 10+. This movie also has quite a bit of gore with head’s copped off and blood shown frequently. Although this is still one of the best movies ever.

Which movie is highest interest in Bookmyshow?

805,382 interested. Spider-Man: No Way Home. English. 763,111 interested. Pushpa: The Rise – Part 01. Telugu. 447,845 interested. Master. Tamil. 257,560 interested. Sooryavanshi. Hindi. 256,282 interested. Vakeel Saab. Telugu. 195,183 interested. Malayalam. Action Drama.166,888 interested. Eternals. English. 157,075 interested. Annaatthe.

How do I refund a YouTube movie?

Request a refund for movies & shows on YouTube Go to Google Click Refund next to the item that you would like refunded. Click Request refund.

Does YouTube TV have customer service?

If you need help, please visit our Help Center. There you’ll find answers to many common questions about creating an account, watching and uploading videos, and maintaining your channel. If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for in the Help Center, we suggest visiting our Community Help Forum.

When movie attendance started to decline in the US What was the biggest reason?

Today, buying a movie ticket is more like going to the doctor — something many Americans never do and most Americans do only four or five times a year for routine cultural check-ups.” The most obvious reason for the decline in movie attendance is the dilution of film distribution.

Can you conceal carry in a mall in Oregon?

Oregon is one of these states where someone can apply for a concealed handgun permit. But even so, private businesses like privately owned shopping malls, department stores, and movie theaters can still generally prohibit people from carrying concealed guns into their establishments.