Is insights on India test series good?

The test series is actually really good, the questions are very similar in their nature to the ones asked in UPSC exam. One should make full use of the test series, read the solutions properly. I followed Insights 60 Day plan very religiously and completed their daily targets and day quizzes in a consistent manner.

Which is better insights or IASbaba?

Insights IAS is the best online site for civil service preparation. It’s comprehensive, easy to follow & reliable. Their prelims test series and revision tests are very helpful & the best. Insights IAS is the best online site for civil service preparation.

What is a good score in Insights test series?

On an average you should try to score atleast 110-120 marks by the end of the test series. That is, try to correct 70 questions. It will ensure a minimum of 120 marks. Instead of marks, your focus must be on increasing accuracy rate (number of questions you get right out of attempted questions).

How is Forumias test series Quora?

Kindly stay away from FORUM IAS test series because as I was recently going through the ”mistakes” in some questions of their series; I found that over 7 of the questions have wrong answers given. Also selection of questions is mediocre at best. Cheers.

Which test series is best for Uppsc Quora?

Target PCS Lucknow is an Online Test Series and they provide best quality test papers and as much I know, my friend also told me that they provide guidance programme along with reference materials and current affairs also. So, if you are looking for a better online test series, you can go for it.

How do you make the best test series?

You can take the maximum advantage of the test series by attempting in a planned manner. Avoid the subject wise tests for topics in which you are confident already. Go for subject wise tests for areas where you find yourself weak. We recommend that you attempt maximum number of full syllabus tests and mock tests.

When should I start giving mock tests for gate?

In the very beginning take only one test a week to start off with; you can start with topic-wise tests, then proceed to subject-wise tests. This way your subject will get prepared thoroughly. 5 months before the examination start taking 2 tests per week. 3 months before the GATE examination take 3 tests a week.

Is it possible to crack GATE EEE?

A. Yes, it is possible to crack the GATE EE paper in six months with a good rank.

How do I clear my gate EE?

Prepare a proper study planOther important tips for GATE Electrical Engineering examination preparation.Read thoroughly the basic concepts of EE.Make notes while studying.Keep daily and weekly targets to complete the syllabus on time.Practice previous years question papers.

How do I qualify for GATE EE?

Here is a brief discussion on how you need to prepare yourself for the GATE EEE and the GATE preparation tips for EEE.Know the Syllabus: … Be Well Aware of the Syllabus and the Marking System: … Engineering Mathematics Section: … Know the Books: … Study Materials: … Learn Time Management.

Which coaching is best for ESE electrical engineering?

ACE Engineering Academy.IES Academy.IES Master.Vani Institute.Engineers Zone.Engineers Academy.Brilliant Tutorials.T.I.M.E.

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Is Ace deep learn worth it?

It is available on mobile applications. This is a course that equips candidates with the best subject knowledge as per the entire syllabus patterns. It delivers updated guidance for enabling the aspirants to target high ranks. So, the best online platform as per my knowledge and experience is ACE ‘deep-learn’.

Is Deep learn part of ACE Academy?

Still Confused? ACE Online(Formerly known as Deep Learn) is an e-learning platform that helps students crack GATE, ESE & PSUs and secure their future through quality education. ACE Online aims to bring in novelty and finesse to online coaching by collaborating with India’s most trusted educational institutes.

Should I join Unacademy for gate?

Yes, definitely “Unacademy – The India’s Largest Learning Platform”, having various excellent educator for Gate Aspirants. For excellent preparation, you can refer the courses of one of the top educators at Unacademy for ENGINEERING SECTION ( GATE), Her name is SWETA KUMARI. She is very consistent.

How is made easy test series for GATE Quora?

MADE EASY is a very reputed brand in GATE and ESE . The test series they provide is designed by very experienced faculty members . They are at par with the gate exam . Also most number of students appear in Made easy test series , so you may be able to judge you on a more wider view .

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