If anyone had seen the brilliant Channel 4 series “Humans” then you’d know what I am about to say aboput Riot games’ dystopian epic about the rise of the machines. I’m nort sure which was penned first, but i’m geussing in was Humans. All I can say is trhat they have a very good case for intellectual property. Just like the TV show, Detroit is about robots becoming self awaree and striving for their freedom. What makes it unique is the choice system, ala Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and the fact that you can track just how much your choices have affected your story.

Graphics are superb and the voice acting spot on. Even the facial animations make you believe that it’s more than just a game. More like an interactive movie. One of the most uncanny valley characters is Chloe, who guides you through the game and then does something quite startling at the end. Anyway, Detroit, Become Human is a lot better than some of the reviews and I would definitely recommend it.

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