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Modern Warfare ? Really ?

Deja Vu ? I don't think so. It the most extraordinary release trailer of the year, This year's Call of Duty game was revealed...

Picard: The Trailer !

Finally, SDCC has been hitting us hard and fast. for me , the best trailer so far has been for the upcoming "Picard" series....

Ghostbusters: AfterLife Trailer

It looks like Stranger Things had a child with the Ghostbusters, but this seems to be the trajectory based on the trailer that...

The Walking Dead Finale

We've got the first three minutes of the finale, recently shown at comicon@home. Enjoy !

Aquaman Trailer 2

I can't help thinking that this film could be the next big success for DC after "Wonder Woman". I hope so, It looks awesome...

Picard: Trailer 2

Amazon will be airing this show in the UK and we are ready. The air date is early 2020, so set phasers for stun...