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Sci-Fi Tech Geek Podcast #148, Rogue Squadron ?

Is Star Wars: Squadrons a remake of Rogue Squadron. The trailer does not suggest it, but the fans think differently. We'll find out, this...

Away Trailer : Hilary Swank is back !

Hilary Swank is back on Netflix with a drama about a trip to Mars and everything that entails !

Archer , Season 11

He's finally come out of that coma, and he's ready for new adventures ! The rest of the crew have changed, but I won't...

Assassin’s Creed , Valhalla, Eivor Trailer !

We've got a newish trailer for this upcoming game, this time featuring the female version of the protagonist. Based on Odyssey, I think this...

Raised By Wolves Trailer

Ridley Scott has brought a fascinating story to the small screen this September. Checkout the trailer for "Raised By Wolves".

The Walking Dead Finale

We've got the first three minutes of the finale, recently shown at comicon@home. Enjoy !