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Cyberpunk 2077 4K trailer

The game on everyone's lips has a new trailer and it exploded with Keanu Reeves as one of the characters. No doubt,...

Modern Warfare ? Really ?

Deja Vu ? I don't think so. It the most extraordinary release trailer of the year, This year's Call of Duty game...

Netflix’s The Dark Crystal

So many people have been lauding the first trailer for this upcoming series from the streaming giant. I have to admit, it...

Picard Returns

I'm not too sure where they plan to go with this series , but I loved TNG and I think , based...

I am Mother

It does look very interesting and I'm intrigued that an actress of tyhe calibre of Hilary Swank has gotten involved in this...

Fear The Walking Dead S5 Trailer

With an incredibly strong season 4, which I think probably changed the show from cancellation, FTWD returns this June. We have a...

Archer 1999 Trailer

Oh It looks like it could be fun...and in space. What could possibly go wrong ?

Clone Wars: Season 7

Star Wars Celebration is ongoing at the time of this writing and they revealed the first trailer for the return of "The...

The Rise of Skywalker !

The first teaser is here and it's awesome !

Stranger Things 3 Trailer

The team are back in probably the funniest, and scariest trailer yet for the new season of this ground breaking show. Can...