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Star Wars, Always

Topher Grace has produced an incredible mashup of every single Star wars film into one mega trailer and the internet lost its...

SFTG102: The Doctor’s Ready !

Jodie Whitaker is ready to take on the Universe in the first teaser for the new Doctor Who series. Check it  out !  

Alita, Battle Angel

The latest trailer for the Robert Rodriguez film is out, and Alita looks totally bad ass !

Star Trek Discovery: Final Trailer

The second season of the rebooted Star Trek Franchise kicks off next month and Paramount have released what is believed to...

The Rise of Skywalker !

The first teaser is here and it's awesome !

Stranger Things Final Trailer

The final trailer has dropped and it provides us with a little more detail regarding the story. As always eleven and her...

Spiderman : Far From Home

The first trailer for the latest instalment of Marvels favourite web slinger is out, and it includes an appearance from Nick Fury....

The Witcher Trailer

Netflix's upcoming adaptation has a new trailer, and while everyone is trying to avoid the obvious comparisons to Game of Thrones, I...

Captain Marvel, Final Trailer

Well it is here and its awesome !

Star Trek: Discovery, Trailer 2

There's a surprise at the end of this one. We all cannot wait for the Discovery to set sail again.