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The Expanse Season 4 Trailer

Believe it or not, but the official trailer for The Expanse has only just been released ahead of its December release on...

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Reveal Trailer

It's awesome with the promise of more advanced gameplay, but pretty much building on the success of Odyssey. Can't wait !

The Mandalorian Trailer 2

It really looks like Disney spent some serious money on this upcoming series and we cannot wait...

Fear The Walking Dead S5 Trailer

With an incredibly strong season 4, which I think probably changed the show from cancellation, FTWD returns this June. We have a...

Netflix’s The Dark Crystal

So many people have been lauding the first trailer for this upcoming series from the streaming giant. I have to admit, it...

Ghostbusters: AfterLife Trailer

It looks like Stranger Things had a child with the Ghostbusters, but this seems to be the trajectory based on the...

The Clone Wars: Final Season

For me, pound for pound, The Clone Wars far exceeded the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Much more story, character and action driven...

COD: Modern Warfare

The story trailer is here !

Picard Returns

I'm not too sure where they plan to go with this series , but I loved TNG and I think , based...

Star Trek Discovery: Final Trailer

The second season of the rebooted Star Trek Franchise kicks off next month and Paramount have released what is believed to...