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Clone Wars: Season 7

Star Wars Celebration is ongoing at the time of this writing and they revealed the first trailer for the return of "The...

The Last of Us Part II

We finally have a release date for this awesome game. I think its probably going to be the big hit of 2020...

Stranger Things 3 Teaser

Thank goodness, now we have a date. JULY 2019

C64: The Commodore Returns

I've got nothing more to say, other than, I want one !

Away Trailer : Hilary Swank is back !

Hilary Swank is back on Netflix with a drama about a trip to Mars and everything that entails !

The Last of Us Part 2 Story Trailer

Still getting this game despite the leaks. It seem to be a story of revenge and I'm so cool with that !

Horizon Forbidden West Trailer

The new game trailer is here along with many others. We'll talk more about this in the podcast.

The Walking Dead Finale

We've got the first three minutes of the finale, recently shown at comicon@home. Enjoy !

SFTG102: The Doctor’s Ready !

Jodie Whitaker is ready to take on the Universe in the first teaser for the new Doctor Who series. Check it  out !  

Daredevil Season 3