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The Sci-Fi Tech Geek Podcast #140, Android 11.

It's here and people are beginning to test it before its more widespread beta testing phase ! Pixel phones will get it...

Sci-Fi Tech Geek Podcast #139. Summer Game Fest.

Twitch has taken on the responsibility of hosting all the festivals and Cons we would have attended this summer. However because of...

SFTG Podcast #138, The Vast of Night.

This little film is proving a hit with the critics. It is inspired by the Twilight Zone, but at the same time...

SFTG Podcast #137, Diablo 4 details

0 In this episode we talk about Sony's latest "State of Play" featuring "The Last Of Us...

SFTG Podcast #136 Windows 3.0 turns 30.

Windows 3.0 turns 30 years old and now I realise I'm old !

SFTG Podcast #135. The Snyder Cut

It is happening folks , whether we want it or not.

SFTG Podcast #134, Strange New Worlds.

The fans have been heard and Anson Mount will lead the new Star Trek series "Strange New Worlds" with Spock, Number 1...

SFTG Podcast #133, Bobba Fett on The Mandalorian.

Not only is this titular character set to appear on season 2 of The Mandalorian, but he will be played by non...

The Last of Us Part 2 Story Trailer

Still getting this game despite the leaks. It seem to be a story of revenge and I'm so cool with that !

SFTG Podcast #132 Vahalla is here

The top news this week has, of course been the trailer and first images from the new game from Ubisoft. According to...