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Horizon Zero Dawn syfygeeks

The Lost Legacy

I’d never played an Uncharted like game before...hold on. The Tomb Raider reboot was basically all that !..let’s start again. Not being...

Another Life

When it was advertised by the behemoth that is Netflix, this title rallied around the fact that Katie Sackhoff was returning to...

The Division 2: So Far

I've been playing this game for about a month now and can make the following observations. The Division 2 adds nothing new...

Love, Death and Robots

Add a smidgen of "Epic" magazine along with a dash of "Heavy Metal" and you might get what I can only describe...

Minecraft on Netflix

Well, this seems to have limbo-ed under the proverbial radar. In a first for the streaming giant, you can now play Story Mode of...


Cuphead is a game that’s been a long time coming. It was previewed a while back and at one point we were all wondering when...