Can Shepard use the M-98 Widow?

The M-98 Widow is a sniper rifle introduced in Mass Effect 2. It is acquired by selecting it if Shepard is a Soldier or Infiltrator. Only Shepard and/or Legion are able to use it.

How do you get a black widow sniper rifle?

Acquisition. The Black Widow can be purchased from the Spectre Requisitions terminal in the Citadel Embassies for a base amount of 250,000 credits, or 125,000 credits in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

What is ohmmeter physics?

ohmmeter, instrument for measuring electrical resistance, which is expressed in ohms. In the simplest ohmmeters, the resistance to be measured may be connected to the instrument in parallel or in series. If in parallel (parallel ohmmeter), the instrument will draw more current as resistance increases.

What is battery ESR?

Many equivalent series resistance (ESR) meters, essentially AC milliohm-meters normally used to measure the ESR of capacitors, can be used to estimate battery internal resistance, particularly to check the state of discharge of a battery rather than obtain an accurate DC value.

What dinosaurs are in Terra Nova?

List of Dinosaurs in Terra NovaBrachiosaur.Howler (heard, not seen)Acceraptor.Carnotaurus.Allosaur (heard, not seen)Ovosaurus.Nykoraptor.Ankylosaurus.

What does Terra Nova mean in Italian?

Southern Italian: habitational name from any of numerous places named with terra ‘land’ + nuova ‘new’.

Where is Barla Von?

You can find Barla Von at Citadel, in the bank, located next to the Emporium.

Where is the Nimbus Cluster me3?

the Outer Council Space regio.

How do you keep Tali alive?

Tali survives so long as you do not pick the geth – either pick the quarians or mediate a peace between them. Depends on the choices you made in ME2 and in the rannoch mission. You had to destroy the heretic geth, prevent Tali from getting exiled, and make sure both Tali and Legion remained loyal.

How do you save Samara?

If Samara is present, at this point she will note that the Justicar Code requires her to slay any Ardat-Yakshi living outside the monastery. To prevent this, she will commit suicide. Fortunately, she can be stopped with a Paragon interrupt.

Do I let Balak go me1?

If you choose to allow Balak to escape to focus on saving the hostages, you receive 25 Paragon points for the decision. Balak will escape, and you’ll have to disarm the bombs scattered all over the room. There are three of them, and they’re guarded by several security drones that will be following you around.

What does Terra Nova mean?

Southern Italian: habitational name from any of numerous places named with terra ‘land’ + nuova ‘new’.

Is Terra Nova based on a book?

In a word, no. No books or novelisations exist in the same universe as Terra Nova with the sole exception of a ‘Make your own motion comic’ featurette that was available on the show’s website, allowing you to make a ‘final episode’ that you could upload to the show’s youtube channel.

Why Abhishek not in Bunty?

He told Adi that he would not work in the Dhoom franchise again. Since the nasty experience with Dhoom 3, there has been a cold war between Abhishek and Aditya Chopra. Bunty Aur Babli 2 was offered to Abhishek. But he refused the offer,” they concluded.

Why did Aditya Chopra leave Payal Khanna?

This was Aditya’s second marriage and when the couple made their relationship official, many blamed Rani for being the reason behind the filmmaker’s divorce. Aditya was earlier married to Payal Khanna and the two got divorced in 2009.

Why did Aditya Chopra marry Rani?

In 2009, Aditya Chopra got divorced from his first wife designer Payal Khanna. After that, Aditya fell for Rani Mukerji and started seeing her. Both of them were apparently going through a low phase in their respective lives and found comfort in each other’s company.

What do Marma people eat?

Rice and boiled vegetables are major food items of the Marma people. ‘Nappi’ a paste of dried fish, is a favourite. They enjoy rice bear and smoke indigenous cigars. Marma men and women typically wear ‘thami’ (sarong) and ‘angi’ (blouse).

How do you get Duncan’s sword?

Acquisition. Duncan’s Sword can be looted from the corpse of the Risen ogre.

What is the best armor in Dragon Age Origins?

Massive armor setsNameArmorFatigueBlood Dragon armor set (v1.1) Silverite27.3137.5%Legion of the Dead armor set Dragonbone28.7635.10%Wade’s Dragonbone Plate armor set Dragonbone28.7635.10%Wade’s Superior Dragonbone Plate armor set Dragonbone Requires: 42 Strength28.7635.10.

Is Bunty Aur Babli a real story?

A unique incident came to the limelight where a married couple of Delhi got inspired by the reel life Bunty and Babli character. They decided to become rich one day and to fulfil their dream, they have committed theft.