Let’s be clear, the zombie genre is about to be as overused and hackneyed as the superhero or western. It’s fair to say that “The Walking Dead” proved that you could have something outside of the George Romero sphere that actually be entertaining. The problem with the AMC series is, that , well basically it is no longer relevant. Far from being the new kid on the block, it has become the norm, the staple.

I think they’re worried about something.

Black Summer is by no means a triumph. However it does one thing that no other zombie show has managed to accomplish. It made the fear of zombies much more real. Up to this point the undead were only really fearful if they got close. In this show, they move, and move very quickly..a la World War Z.

As a result of this, our heroes are always running and running fast. It makes this so much more of an existential threat. At the same time, and there has been a lot of press about this, the method of filming , using a single hand-held camera, makes it that much more brimming of verisimilitude. Now of course, zombies don’t exist, but this makes there existence in this world that more real.

Dialogue is limited. In fact, my personal favourite character, Kyungsun, played with alacrity by Christine Lee does not even speak English, yet you can figure out what she feels and is saying. The others deal with the clear and present danger with only the barest of words.

Black Summer should, I think, return for a second season, and they should not change the format which is..strangely enough.. to keep it real.

Overall score
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