Are there fake reviews on IMDB?

Unfortunately, yes. IMDb reviews are not considered to be overly trustworthy, as big Hollywood studios generally dictate the scores and the overall consensus. The algorithm used by IMDb to collate its reviews is generally considered inferior to those used by Rotten Tomatoes and similar sites.

Where can I find the best movie reviews?

Top 10 Film Review Websites1) Roger Ebert.2) Guardian.4) Yahoo! Movies.5) IMDB.10) 10, 2556 B.

How do I delete a review on BookMyShow?

Once a review or rating is submitted, it cannot be deleted.

Who has Pauls Supra?

While we cannot attest where all of the cars are, or even know how many were made, we do know that all the Supra for the movie were made by Eddie Paul from The Shark Shop in El Segundo, California. One of these orange Supras is owned by Craig Leiberman, who was also the technical advisor for the first two F&F movies.

Did Paul Walker do his own driving?

The white Supra Paul Walker drives at the end was actually his own car. “The orange Supra from the first film is still alive, I tried to bring that car back a few times but the part didn’t play out quite as big,” Dennis says, “but the white Supra in this movie, that’s one of Paul’s own.

What car was Dom driving at the end of Furious 7?

1970 Dodge Charger R/T It was destroyed in Furious 7 when Dom faced off against Deckard Shaw in Los Angeles. Based on the appearance of the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T at the hideout in F9, it seems Dom repaired the car after Furious 7.

Is Harry Potter on Crave?

All eight of the main Harry Potter films are streaming on Crave. This is a pretty notable get for the Bell-owned platform, as the massively popular franchise wasn’t previously available on any streaming service in its entirety.

Should I watch Army of Thieves before Army of the Dead?

If the concept of cracking ‘uncrackable safes’ is an exciting feat for you, Army of Thieves is definitely the movie you should watch. However, to avoid scratching your head during the movie, we highly suggest you watch Army of the Dead first for some context, in fact, major context.

Is Army of the Dead worth watching?

Our verdict? If zombie flicks are your thing, definitely check it out – but be prepared. The film comes in at just under two and half hours long, meaning you might find your interest waning around the halfway mark. It has to be said, it’s worth seeing the film through to the end for the terrifying tiger zombie.

What should I watch on Netflix with a girl?

The 9 Best Netflix and Chill Movies for Couples to Watch on Date…To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.Falling Inn Love.Always Be My Maybe.Irreplaceable You.The Lovebirds.About Time.Alex Strangelove.When We First Met.

What can I watch with my husband?

16 TV Shows For CouplesTed Lasso (Apple) WE LOVE THIS SHOW! … Top Chef (Hulu) Top Chef came back with an all start season just in time for quarantine! … Formula 1: Drive to Survive (Netflix) … Killing Eve (Hulu) … Happy Endings (Hulu) … Succession (HBO) … Ozark (Netflix) … The Office (Netflix.

Can I get a tab back to the future?

Marty: “All right, give me, uh, give me a Tab.” Lou: “A tab? Can’t give ya a tab, unless ya order something.” Tab was a brand of diet soft drink introduced in 1963.

Do your eyes bleed when you have Ebola?

Yes. Some, but not all, patients may experience bleeding from orifices — one of the more unusual and memorable symptoms of viral hemorrhagic fevers like Ebola. In later stages of the disease, some people bleed from the eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and rectum. They may bleed from puncture sites if they’ve had an IV.

What animal does Ebola come from?

Scientists do not know where Ebola virus comes from. Based on similar viruses, they believe EVD is animal-borne, with bats or nonhuman primates being the most likely source.

Where can I watch the drummer girl?

The Little Drummer Girl, a drama series starring Florence Pugh, Alexander Skarsgård, and Michael Shannon is available to stream now. Watch it on Prime Video, Spectrum TV, Sundance Now, The Roku Channel or The Roku Channel on your Roku device.

Is Luther OK for kids?

Like any violent cop series, Luther is only appropriate for mature teens and adults; unlike most of its contemporaries, Luther transcends its genre and becomes a remarkable portrait of a singular television character.

Why is Sherlock a 15?

Parents need to know that Sherlock is an excellent adaptation of the classic Arthur Conan Doyle series that’s littered with dead bodies, but little actual onscreen violence.

Is it bad to watch TV in bed?

Late-night TV watching disrupts your internal clock. Exposure to artificial light later in the evening can disrupt your circadian rhythm and melatonin levels (5). Watching TV before bed keeps you up later. A stimulating show keeps your brain alert, preventing you from falling asleep.

How do you act in college movies?

2:0516:15So keep in mind that casting calls will probably only be going out during terms. But always keep anMoreSo keep in mind that casting calls will probably only be going out during terms. But always keep an eye out because you might get lucky things might pop up around other times.

Should actors do student films?

Student films are a great way for a beginning actor to jumpstart their career. They’re almost like rocket fuel for a budding acting career. You begin with few credits and precious little experience. You don’t really know where or how to begin your journey.

How did Han survive Tokyo Drift?

It turns out that Han faked the crash with help from Mr Nobody in order to get him out of harm’s way. They’d met through Gisele who had also been working for him beforehand. Thankfully, this means Han will be returning for the next set of films, and according to director Justin Lin, he could we be getting a spinoff.

Is The Matrix based on the Bible?

Neo is referred to throughout the Matrix trilogy as the One, that is, the chosen one, which also describes Christ—a messiah, sent to deliver salvation. References to Christianity proliferate in the films, and the Matrix films are an allegory for the Christian faith and that Neo is a modern-day Jesus.

Why does Neo see the code?

By seeing the Matrix code Neo can more easily understand how the virtual world is being formed, and alter it. He can see, and rewrite, in real time, the flow of information that represents the virtual world around him.

What happens if a baby is born in the Matrix?

Within the matrix, consciousness is transplanted from consciousness into the simulation: the same is true of newborns. The ‘Birthing’ within the Matrix is a program which recreates the conditions of childbirth, and then as the baby is ‘born’, he is plugged into the Matrix and its consciousness is transferred.