When it was advertised by the behemoth that is Netflix, this title rallied around the fact that Katie Sackhoff was returning to space for the first time since her Battlestar Galactica days. As such, I’m sure that many of us were interested in what Starbuck was getting up to these days. The actual show, once started, seems like a poundland version of arrival; a strange alien ship appears and mankind is unable to communicate with it at first. Sackhoff ( Niko Breckinridge )and her crew are sent into space to see if they can track down the home planet of the alien presence and determine their intentions.

I think she just realised that the gas is on at home !

Once this aspect of the story kicks in, we end up with an episodic adventure of the trials and tribulations of the crew of the Salvare as they head towards what they believe is the home planet of a seemingly benign presence.

I have to say, the totally unnecessary and overused swearing apart, the first few episodes were atypical and only mildly entertaining , however once we started to get into the mindset of the alien presence, once it infected a crew member, I found the story somewhat compelling even if it was stereotypical in parts. There are elements of Alien, Interstellar in this series; not a bad thing; but indicative of a lack of originality by the writers.

Overall, I was happy with the series and based on the cliffhanger finale, I am expecting a second season.

Overall score
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