Star Trek: far


    The return of everyone’s favourite starship captain (yes, I know this will cause geek inspired brawls up and down the land), has so far been triumphant. According to interviews , the north’s favourite thespian, Patrick Stewart did not want to return to just doing what he did in TNG, and he was right.

    Of course, the story revolves around the discovery of Commander Data’s ” daughter” and her journey with the former captain of the Enterprise to save a race of synthetic beings from the clutches of the Romulans. During this journey, we encounter friends old and new. Perhaps one of the best returning characters is a much more human-like 7 of 9. Jerri Ryan plays a ranger of the sort not too dissimilar to Aragorn. Flying around and saving people.

    She’s back !

    Of course, one of the most endearing reunions was that with Commander Riker and Deanna Troi. Eyes were very moist by the end of that episode.

    With season 2 already promised by CBS, the future of Picard is quite bright, however, the revelation from the lpisode nine reveals that there might be problems ahead for Jean-Luc Picard.

    Bertie describes himself as a full time cynic, and an avid attender of scifi conventions, who avoids rubberised Vulcan ears as much as possible.

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