Fear The Walking Dead S5 Trailer


With an incredibly strong season 4, which I think probably changed the show from cancellation, FTWD returns this June. We have a trailer, (or short movie !) for Season 5 and there is a lot going on, including the “return” of Dwight.


  1. Season 4 was ok for the first few episodes and became awful after that. Season 4b was just plain bad. I admit s1-2 of FTWD had their up and downs. But s3 was incredible. How they managed to go from a great season 3 to an awful season 4 is baffling. Everyone was out of character, there was no connection to the end of s3 and the new s4 characters were ok in the beginning but turned out to be shallow and one dimensional the longer s4 aired.

    So no, season 4 was definitely not incredibly strong and certainly didn’t prevent the show from cancellation. It nearly ruined all the great hype s3 had created. And remember that s3 managed to create that hype although it barely had had any promo (there weren’t even character posters or a proper trailer before the season aired. They only got a midseason trailer for s3b), while s4’s promo budget must have been insane considering how much s4 promo they did.

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