Diablo 4 Rogue Trailer

    All I can say to this is Ewwwww ! You'll see after you watch the trailer !

    Mass Effect: The New Game

    Not much to reveal, but it is now official, there will be a new Mass Effect game coming, and we couldn't be happier. Watch the teaser !

    The Video Podcast # 174

    Yes, we do it in video form as well. This is the latest of an episode that was recorded a while ago, and is a sampler as there are more episodes on YouTube available .

    SFTG123: Netflix and autoplay

    It's been a long time coming, but Netflix will be giving us all the option of not using autoplay. The bane of my existence...

    SFTG122: Disney+

    We now have a start date and pricing for the new streaming service from the house of mouse. What is most surprising is the...

    The Clone Wars: Final Season

    For me, pound for pound, The Clone Wars far exceeded the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Much more story, character and action driven than a...

    SFTG121: Cyberpunk delayed

    Some people see this as a horror show, but it was announced this week that everyones game of 2020 will not kick off till...

    SFTG120: The Witcher

    The Witcher has proved to be an unqualified success fort Netflix, and only a couple of episodes in, the streaming giant has already ordered...

    The Rise of Skywalker – My Review

    I saw Star Wars, as it was called in very early 1978.

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