The Expanse, Season 6

    The first teaser for the final season of The Expanse is here, and it looks like they're going out in style !

    Arcane, League of Legends

    The animation style for this Netflix series is seriously awesome ! Check it out !

    God of War: Ragnarok

    Its the trailer many aPS5 owner has been looking forward to and why not. An absolute blast of a first game.

    Moonfall looks epic !

    Haley Berry is back in a disaster movie as big as Independence day. That makes sense as it is directed by Roland Emmerich. If...

    Spiderman: No Way Home !

    Okay, this is the official trailer for the next Spiderman film, and not the fake trailer that everyone and his aunt thought it was....

    The Eternals, final trailer

    Many people are getting very happy about this , and it does look very intriguing. Camden was a sight to behold. Could this be...

    The Witcher: Nightmare of The Wolf.

    We've got some back story before the release of the second season of The Witcher. Nightmare of The Wolf looks very interesting and will...

    The Walking Dead, Teaser 2

    We are all gearing up for the final season of AMC's The Walking Dead. Hard to imagine that it has been ten years since...

    Ghostbusters : Afterlife

    The second trailer for the new Ghostbusters film came out a week ago. Finally, after so many years it looks as though we will...

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