SFTG Podcast #196, Discovery Season 4

    Michael Burnham returns with the crew of the USS Discovery fort season 4 this November on Paramount+. That means , we'll probably see it...

    SFTG Podcast #195, New World Woes !

    It's 50 years since the formation of Lucasfilm, so how do you celebrate that! Of course you're going to have a stormtrooper with George...

    SFTG Podcast #194, Tada !

    Netflix's Tadum did not disappoint, with trailers for The Witcher, Stranger Things and Arcane being the standouts for me !

    SFTG Podcast #193, Another Life Returns

    It was a bit of a slow burner but Another Lifer makes it to Season 2 on Netflix. Old and new characters are in...

    Sci-Fi Tech Geek Podcast #192, Strange New Worlds.

    We are excited at the announcement of the cast for Paramount+'s new entry into the Star Trek Universe. Anson Mount, et al seem to...

    Sci-Fi Tech Geek Podcast #191, Steam Deck Scams !

    Valve have announced a fantastic looking portable gaming machine that integrates well with its platform, and yes, the scalpers are out selling them for...

    Sci-Fi Tech Geek Podcast #190,WitcherCON is on !

    CD Project Red and Netflix have come together do promote the game and season 2 of the TV show. What could possibly be better...

    Sci-Fi Tech Geek Podcast #189,Borderlands is set !

    The Bordelands movie starring Kevin Hart and Cate Blanchette is gearing up fort the release of a trailer with some images of the main...

    The Sci-Fi Tech Geek Podcast #188, TLOU Part 3 ?

    Well according to the story, Neil Druckmann has a treatment/story for part three. As to whether it will become a game is another issue....

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