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    SFTG 100: Yes, we made it !

    Well, we made it. One hundred episodes and we still love podcasting.

    Gaming Charts, June 16th

    You won’t believe which game has returned to the number one spot !

    SFTG99: E3 Smorgasborg

    It’s been a very exciting time at E3 this year. Lots of new titles, some coming out this autumn. The best I think, so...

    SFTG98: Gaming Charts, June 2nd

    The return of the gaming charts on the SFTG podcast as well as the rockin' clip of the week. Enjoy it all.

    SFTG97: Red Dead Problems ?

    Some people aren't very happy with the idea of paying more for special Red Dead missions.

    SFTG97: MW2 remastered is real.

    It seems as though the rumours are real, and we will be seeing this title very soon. Good news for all !

    SFTG96: The Tomb Raider Returns

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider is out this September and we cannot wait. More details to follow in April.

    SFTG95: Black Panther, the sequel

    It seems that even though this film has not opened yet, Marvel are already talking about a sequel. All the reviews are in and...

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