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    The Expanse, Season 6

    The first teaser for the final season of The Expanse is here, and it looks like they're going out in style !

    SFTG Podcast #196, Discovery Season 4

    Michael Burnham returns with the crew of the USS Discovery fort season 4 this November on Paramount+. That means , we'll probably see it...

    SFTG Podcast #195, New World Woes !

    It's 50 years since the formation of Lucasfilm, so how do you celebrate that! Of course you're going to have a stormtrooper with George...

    Arcane, League of Legends

    The animation style for this Netflix series is seriously awesome ! Check it out !

    SFTG Podcast #194, Tada !

    Netflix's Tadum did not disappoint, with trailers for The Witcher, Stranger Things and Arcane being the standouts for me !

    SFTG Podcast #193, Another Life Returns

    It was a bit of a slow burner but Another Lifer makes it to Season 2 on Netflix. Old and new characters are in...

    God of War: Ragnarok

    Its the trailer many aPS5 owner has been looking forward to and why not. An absolute blast of a first game.

    Sci-Fi Tech Geek Podcast #192, Strange New Worlds.

    We are excited at the announcement of the cast for Paramount+'s new entry into the Star Trek Universe. Anson Mount, et al seem to...

    Alan Wake Remastered

    The seminal game, once only available of the XBOX360 will return on PC and all consoles this year. Not only that, but it will...

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