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SFTG117: Star Wars Everywhere

The latest trailer for the final star wars film was released last week, and the internet cannot handle it. of course I'm...
The Expanse Season 4

SFTG116: The Expanse, Season 4

When it was cancelled by SyFy we were all worried, but thank you Amazon for bringing back, what I consider the...

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Netflix Science Fiction

Another Life

When it was advertised by the behemoth that is Netflix, this title rallied around the fact that Katie Sackhoff was returning to space for the first time since her Battlestar Galactica days....

Gaming Videos

Modern Warfare ? Really ?

Deja Vu ? I don't think so. It the most extraordinary release trailer of the year, This year's Call of Duty game was revealed to be ..Modern Warfare ! I'm sure I've...