Tuesday, May 22, 2018


The latest episodes of the SciFitechGeek podcast, hosted by H A Shorter.

SFTG62: Thronebreaker

Gwent's story mode adventure is here , as a teaser at least and it's looking pretty good. I wonder if I should get this...

SFTG61: Another day,another hack !

Well, this time their social media accounts were hacked and boy, do they need an IT cyber-security officer !

SFTG60: Civ 6: A New Dawn

Good news for tabletop gamers, Civilisation 6 will release "A New Dawn" in Q4 of this year.

SFTG59: Star Trek Khaaan TV

Yes, it might actually happen. Nicholas Meyer is working on a TV shoe chronicling the adventures of Khan after the Space Seed incident.


This should not be a major announcement but the WNBA comes to NBA Live this year !

SFTG57: Don’t Panic

Skynet has not arrived, but for a lot of the misinformed, it might as well have. Facebook turning off A.I because it had developed...