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The latest episodes of the SciFitechGeek podcast, hosted by H A Shorter.

SFTG71: Tomb Raider Yay !

The full trailer is out tomorrow, but Warner Bros. has teased the first poster and a few seconds of footage !

SFTG70: Episode 9 again…

Fresh on the announcement that JJ Abrams is talking over control of episode 9, we now have a new release date for the film....

SFTG69: J J doing what ?

 JJ Abrams is doing Star Wars episode 9 ! Good news? Well its a safe pair of hands which is all LucasFilm wants.

Geeks Off The Clock Ep.3

In this weeks episode, Isla takes over the podcast for the first half and interviews Hubert about his experiences with Hurricane Gilbert. The issue...

SFTG68: Destiny 2 with Justin Koreis

Our friend, Justin Koreis from the "Next Fan Up" podcast is a huge fan of the game Destiny, so we sat down to talk...

SFTG67: Skyrim is free !

Well, it is for this weekend on XBox One. If you somehow haven't played this game, then what are you waiting for ! Fus...