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The latest episodes of the SciFitechGeek podcast, hosted by H A Shorter.

SFTG 27: Apple patents a bag !

It would take a moron, of orange-faced republican nominee for president proportions, not to realise that Rogue One could never perform as well as...
E3 2016 Games

SFTG 18: Games, Games, Games

Well its been a smorgasbord of excitement at E3 2016. Far too many websites have provided just too much coverage to the point where...

SFTG79: No single player for you.

The folks at Rockstar Games confirmed that there is no single player expansion on the horizon for 2013's GTA V. Most people aren't happy...
syfygeeks judge dredd

SFTG40: Judge Dredd TV

Well the dream of having Judge Dredd on TV takes another step closer to fruition as Karl Urban is reportedly having meetings about appearing...
ready player one

SFTG50: Ready for Player One

Ready Player One will have a panel at SDCC and possibly a teaser  trailer. I do hope so, stay tuned !

SFTG 30: The New World Order

Well, the cataclysmic events across the pond have just reinforced my view that , on the whole, 2016 has been a terrible year...one of...