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The latest episodes of the SciFitechGeek podcast, hosted by H A Shorter.

syfygeeks esports

SFTG56: esports on the BBC

esports finally comes to the BBC this summer. what took them so long.

SFTG55: Paint is saved !

In less than 24 hours, Microsoft have reversed their decision about paint. it will now be available for download for free from the Windows...

SFTG54: The End of Paint

The end of Paint is with us. Just like Outlook Express , it's going the way of the dodo.

SFTG53: Destiny 2 Problems

There are teething problems for Destiny 2. They need to get this sorted well before the game is released. It's as if they need...

SFTG52: Klingons and Discovery

Can we stop obsessing about the new Klingons and the shape of the Discovery. This show hasn't even premiered yet !

SFTG51: The 13th Doctor

Jodie Whittaker is the thirteenth time lord and boy will it be a great day when the fact that she is a woman, becomes...