Friday, September 21, 2018

Geeks Off The Clock

Geeks, talking about life, the Universe and just about everything else .

Geeks Off The Clock Ep.3

In this episode, Isla takes over the podcast for the first half and interviews Hubert about his experiences with Hurricane Gilbert. The issue of privilege in society is examined in the second half and,...

GOTC02: The morality of the level playing field

In this episode Hubert and Isla talk about the athletics and the response to Justin Gatlin winning the World 100m title at the athletic championships. We also discuss humus being a glue alternative !

GOTC Ep.1:What’s in a name ?

The first episode featuring Isla and Hubert is out. Listen to us talking nonsense about names and Radio 2.

Testing 1,2,3 !

We are happy to announce that starting soon, we will be adding the "Geeks Off The Clock" podcast to the roster of stuff we promote of the Syfygeeks website. It won't be a weekly show,...