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The Walking Dead: Chp 2

Its been a while, and to be honest I've been distracted by Assassins Creed Odyssey, but we have started Chapter 2 of...

TWD Chapter 3 Part 3

The attack on the boat begins and it is not going to end well I think ! Let's find out !

Chapter 3, Part 1

Yes, I know we didn't officially post the last few episodes of episode 2 of "The Walking Dead", however you can check...

TWD Chapter 4, Part 2

Things are happening quickly for Clem. Is disaster on the horizon ?

TWD Chapter 4 Part 3

Clementine makes some decisions in this episode that have dire consequences. The end is getting closer, but will they survive ? I...

The Walking Dead Finale

The end of the story for thee brilliant series by Telltale.