Best Podcast Microphone

pr40Everywhere I’ve gone on the web, I’ve seen that people always talk about the Heil PR40. I started with a £30 microphone that made me sound like I was recording in a toilet. Anyway, I’m glad that I have this mic as it’s a wonderfully warm sound. It is a little pricey, but Is totally awesome. Not to be used without a pop filter. It does come with an XLR input so if you plan to use it on a PC , you may have to use an adapter of some sort.



Mixer: Mackie Pro FX 8

macprofx8A beautiful mixer. Should you need to bring all music, stingers and other effects in to your show for a truly professional sound? Most podcasters record “Live to hard drive” and a mixer certainly saves the time for separate mixing and editing in post. Before the mixer, I spent hours mixing tracks separately and it was truly a long and painful experience.






Adobe Audition

cs6_detailThe benchmark as far as I’m concerned for implementing effects such as noise reduction, compression and limiting. With the new loudness standard of LUFS, this piece of software makes it so simple. there are plenty of videos on YouTube that go through the various tools. I would also recommend Cliff Ravenscraft’s videos on the website Podcastanswerman.





Roland R-05

r-05_angle_galFor live to hard drive, this is a good piece of kit. You have options for limiting on this device, as well as arranging recording levels. The two mics on this are also pretty awesome. Alternately, you have the option of editing in post through Audition as a non-live podcats. It’s all up to you. The alternative is to up;load to Auphonic who will do all the post processing for you.



DBX – 286s

dbx 286s


Without a doubt the biggest improvement to the sound quality of the podcast is this wonderful piece

of kit. It not only offers noise gate and compression controls, but also includes the de-esser and vocal enhancer. This allows you to remove sibilance and give your voice more bass and treble should you need it. Get it , if you can !