About Us

SyFyGeeks is a website built by a group of individuals who found it rather lame that there were so many websites out there that couldn’t seem to summarise what was going on with tech, gaming and geek culture at the same time. Hence, SyFyGeeks was born out of the remains of tsquareg.

Meet the Team.   

Excel Maniac – The General admin thingy person !  

Excel Maniac

Though not a card-carrying member of the SciFi Geek fraternity, Excel Maniac does have a proclivity for Harry Potter, as well as being demure. In her spare time she does not dress up as Star Trek characters, though I suspect she has practised the Petronus charm when no-one is looking.                     

Computer Geek – Covering generally hardware and software.

Jamie is an avid programmer and software developer in her spare time. As far as she’s concerned , her full-time job is World of Warcraft and League of legends.

Geek Girl – Covering Geek Culture and Gaming

Covering the expansive world of gaming and Geek culture requires someone with the ability to do half a dozen things at once. Geek girl loves “The Lord of The Rings” and hates rude people. She has a sarcastic streak and believes that anyone who doesn’t like science fiction should be forced to watch “Star Wars” on a loop. She also kids around a lot. I think !

H.Shorter is the general admin and creator of the  SyFyGeeks website.

Hubert, is a full-time contributor to this website. He describes himself as a full-time cynic, and an avid attendee of sci-fi conventions, who avoids rubberised Vulcan ears as much as possible.