The Last Jedi, for some people has caused the greatest division in their geek lives since the debate between which captain was better, Kirk or Picard. What do I think? well let’s be clear, The Last Jedi tore up the Star Wars formula for a movie, just in the similar way in which The Force Awakens cemented those tropes. In many ways it has become the Empire Strikes Back for its generation. It will, of course, not receive the veneration and gravitas of the Irvin Kirshner classic, simply because it is considered too divisive.

What I like d about it was the idea of toying with those tropes, making Luke, very grumpy, examining the duplicity of Kylo Ren and Rey.

I will admit the stuff on the casino planet was a bit bland but, what an ending, the one thing that so many people complained about and yet, I think was fitting for the story. Roll on episode nine.


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