The Star Wars universe is cherished by many a fan who can look back with misty eyes, to the day they entered a cinema,and were transported to a place far far away , a long time ago – yes I know I said that the wrong way around but never mind.

After the franchise was wrestled out of the hands of the out of touch Mr Lucas, there has been a resurgence in its presence. No one can forget the effect of The Force Awakens – its impact was immense , and more importantly it eviscerated the trauma of the the prequel trilogy.

Then came the other films, based in the same Universe, but not Skywalker lore. – First out of the gate was last years’ Rogue One. Yes it had its detractors – some thought that a CGI Tarkin was a stretch too far. At the same time, many agreed that the last thirty minutes of that film was just about the best they’d seen in any Star Wars movie since 1977. An achievement any way you look at it.

Currently in production is the Han Solo movie., and we heard this week that both directors were fired – troubling – yes as the film is not finished and whoever takes over will undoubtedly put a different spin on things. The word through the grapevine is that the directors wanted to make Han more humorous – a direction that Kathleen Kennedy was totally against. What are the implications for what has already been filmed? are we talking substantial re-shoots ? We don’t know yet, but you can be certain that everyone will be watching what happens next.


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