Well the dream of having Judge Dredd on TV takes another step closer to fruition as Karl Urban is reportedly having meetings about appearing in the TV show. The only actor (let’s forget about Stallone) to play the role well.

There’s been a concerted effort to get this off the ground as I feel, that the Dredd franchise hasn’t really been given the ability to shine.

Everyone has had something to say about the trailer for Star Trek Discovery. I think it is not only a bold move to cast the central hero as a black female ( lets’s be honest, its a popular trend right now, following the success of shows like Scandal and How to get away with Murder. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Ms Green is great for the role, and I love the fact that she is a woman of colour. This new trend in Hollywood is long overdue, and I’m hoping to see even more of it in the realm of science fiction.


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