Mass Effect: Andromeda is a good game…yes, you actually just read that. The latest offering from Bioware has suffered a barrage of criticism not seen since Dale Winton had a face lift. Talking about strange faces, much of the criticism has been leveled at the producers responsible for the facial animations seen in the game. YouTube is replete with surly teenagers expounding on the temerity of the game designers willingness to put out a product so unrefined.

I have a different take on all of this.

Yes, you would imagine that in 2017, and after five years of development , they would have a more polished product, and the criticism is somewhat justified; however i’m less interested in how the protaganist Ryder raises a questionable eyebrow, and more interested in how she/he develops the story. And this is where I think most people have lost the point. The story in MEA is a good one. The struggle for survival of the human race as it searches and attempts to setup outposts in the galaxy Andromeda is essentially exactly what we would expect from a science-fiction RPG. Bioware are good at this, remember Dragon age ? ( Okay, lets forget DragonAge 2). They do, and I believe, continue to provide a complex and thought provoking narrative that will give you some very difficult choices, impacting the story arc you take.

One thing that everyone agrees on is the fact that the action gameplay is superb. The ability to change out oyou abilities is awesome and long overdue in a Mass Effect game. there’s nothing more satisfying than using a biotic power when you really need it.

Over the next few weeks and months im sure there will be patch upon patch of updates ..but ask me if i like playing the game, and the answer is a resounding yes !


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