Rogue One is the first Star Wars movie that does not focus on Luke Skywalker, light sabres and The Force. As a result, it should be a film that most people will either look at quizzically, or dismiss as Hollywood cashing in on the brand.

The film, has turned out to be an unmitigated triumph, in my humble opinion, as it hits every note of nostalgia for those who watched A New Hope back in 1977. Yes, there’s been a lot of press about the Computer Generated Imagery used for “certain characters” but for me, the fact that they were there, on screen made me giggle with delight.

The story is well known, the opening crawl of A New Hope, sets it all up and so what we are left with is a band of rebels led by Jyn Erso to secure the plans of The Death Star. The film also answers a question that devout fans have been asking for years “Why would you put a small thermal exhaust port, which if you fired a torpedo into it would destroy the entire station?” Without giving away the answer, the issue is resolved well.

K2SO is undoubtedly the star of the show with its dry humour. Again, to get the most devout of fans smiling, there’s even a cameo by the dynamic duo of C-3PO and R2D2.

The last thirty minutes of the film are among the best I’ve ever seen in any Star Wars film, and the ending is a wonderful introduction to the 1977 movie. You could literally start A New Hope after this.

Rogue One is a great Star Wars stand-alone film. Go watch it!!


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