Well, you know there’s something wrong with a franchise if, during filming, you have to tease who the main villain will be. This week Ben “Wikileaks” Affleck gave us the tantalizing view that Deathstroke would be the target for the Caped Crusader’s ire in the next standalone Batman movie !



I really think, when you consider the colossal bad luck visited on the DC franchise since “Man of Steel”, you’d think that  this particular universe would take the time to fix whatever Zack Snyder problems they have. Now, to be clear, Suicide Squad has proven to be a hit despite bad reviews, and to a certain extent, the same could be said for Batman V Superman. The problem here is that Marvel are scoring hits without trying. It is naturally assumed that Civil War will probably be the hit of the summer, both critically and financially.

I truly hope that DC will get their stuff together as we do need a proper competitor in this sphere.


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