In a summer filled with what I can only call mediocre blockbusters at best (Civil War not withstanding), many a reviewer has decided that the hit of the summer came totally out of left field and could be found on the medium that many a fading A list actor  fears: television.

stranger things

Stranger Things has hit a responsive chord with its audience; presumably  the middle aged , yearning for the feel good days of the eighties ! No , not only that demographic was served by this wonderful series. The young Netflix crew also found themselves tuning into this wonderful celebration of the horror, suspense, action tropes of the decade of E.T.

Mentioning the Spielberg film, could the Duffer Brothers been any more blatant in their love of that movie as it resonated in many scenes involving the mysterious “11”. I could clearly remember one scene in particular where she was observing television with the wild eyed innocence of the diminutive extra terrestrial.

stranger thins syfygeeks

Let’s be clear; the thing that made this show so good wasn’t its cast, cost or special effects, but that elusive of all things required; a good story, and the ability to take you back to a time when you enjoyed a ripping yarn. Indeed it also served to remind us of our youth, from the bikes to the title font, to the music ; so reminiscent of the eighties and a John Carpenter Flick, “Assault on Precinct 13 ” comes to mind.

Without spoiling for you, I would suggest that you set aside some time to enjoy this series. Winona Ryder is a revelation and a much welcome return to our screens; albeit the small one, as its the breakout star of the show Millie Bobby Brown.


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