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The SciFiTechGeek Podcast

SFTG 30: The New World Order

Well, the cataclysmic events across the pond have just reinforced my view that , on the whole, 2016 has been a terrible year...one of...
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SFTG 29: Scary Web !

No-one likes to think of someone who is currently alive, being dead. however, I am convinced that if Tim Berners-Lee were so incapacitated, he...

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ready player one

Ready Player One

To say that Ready Player One is a slightly overbearing exercise in eighties cultural references would be the most under of understatements. I submit...
forza 3 syfygeeks

Forza 3: Review

Elder Scrolls:Legends Reviewed

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Civilisation VI : Gameplay

Having only had the experience of Civilisation on the Xbox, you might guess that as a newbie to the full game, I would find...

COD: Infinite Warfare Gameplay

syfygeeks wtachdogs 2

Watch Dogs 2: New Gameplay