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Saturday, August 27, 2016

The SciFiTechGeek Podcast

SFTG 23: Halt and Catch the Fire

Really? have you not seen any of this show on AMC. The nostalgic and non-specific tale of how companies like ebay, McAfee et al...

SFTG 22: Vader’s Back !

Not only is Darth Vader back, but the title image speaks for itself ! The new trailer set the internet on fire and for...


Overwatch: Reviewed

The folks over at Eurogamer.net have reviewed the latest offering from Blizzard. The much over-hyped Overwatch will go on general release soon. Is it...

Gaming Videos

The Elder Scrolls : Legends

Well the first real Hearthstone killer is out and is by Bethesda. I've been playing this and it is awesome. Enjoy the video.