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The SciFiTechGeek Podcast

SFTG 27: Apple patents a bag !

It would take a moron, of orange-faced republican nominee for president proportions, not to realise that Rogue One could never perform as well as...
syfygeeks Passengers chris pratt

SFTG 26: Pratt in space again…

Well if Guardians of The Galaxy wasn't enough , we get more of Chris Pratt in Space for the first trailer for the Sci...

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Forza 3: Review

If you've ever entertained the fantasy of driving the most expensive cars possible, driving them in lush green and sunny environments surrounded by young...

Elder Scrolls:Legends Reviewed

Overwatch: Reviewed

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COD: Infinite Warfare Gameplay

I have to say, after all the hatred for this game, it sort of looks good. As a space adventure its quite awesome !...
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Watch Dogs 2: New Gameplay


Call of Duty Episode 13



COD: Infinite Warfare


Watch Dogs 2: Trailer 2